37 tips on how to raise the child in peace and love

1. Your child is not responsible for your reaction. If you are prone to stress, you give in to anger, and it’s not right. You can raise a child more effectively and to do it joyfully, showing him calm and love.

2. To correct your answer on the child’s behavior, first you need to take responsibility for their own behavior.

3. Pay attention to your behavior, to determine how you come to undesirable outcomes in education.

4. Start with restore their emotional balance. In order to raise a child peaceful and gentle ways, you need to eat right, exercise, meditate, or relax, to do everything to maintain a good emotional state. You must behave calmly and confidently.

5. In order to get rid of stress and anger in response to your child’s behavior, try to do everything without hassle. The more you rush, the more likely you’ll drive yourself crazy.

6. Children can perceive your requirements or slowly, or not at all. If you will put pressure on them, trying to speed up their actions, you will only achieve the opposite effect.

7. Cool kids behave better than children who are constantly exposed to stress. Your condition affects your child. The more relaxed you will interact with your child, the calmer he will be himself.

8. You will not be able to teach your child to control his actions, if you fail to control your.

9. Taking care of your relationship with your child, you will take also care for yourself.

10. When a child provokes you, it is the control over the situation. Self-control in any situation begins with control over your response.

11. Watch what you say to your child. If you say to him: “You make me angry. You do everything too slowly. You make me scream” you allow him to control the situation and be responsible for your behavior.

12. The child was sent into your life over, and now is the time for self-improvement.

13. When you lose patience and poise in response to the child’s behavior, you lose your power.

14. Try to deal with everything peaceful and calm way. Through the world to himself, you will be able to comprehend the wisdom and love necessary for education.

15. Gradually you will come to mind. You must meet the slightest steps towards a peaceful resolution of the situation. When you leave yourself, you are wasting your time.

16. Your angry response to the child expresses how wrong you deal with what happens, respectively, demonstrating a lack of respect for yourself.

17. Children need a peaceful, harmonious setting in order to demonstrate their good behavior and a positive, respectful and warm attitude. Therefore, when you respond to the child’s behavior with anger, you undermine his confidence that he will behave better.

18. Anger, stress, prayer, debate, shouting – the most inefficient methods of education. They can be your alternative ways of education.

19. Children need to know the boundaries of permissible behavior. But they fail to realize the existence of these boundaries, if you should install them the wrong way.

20. It is important to understand that if your reaction would hurt you, then she’s probably hurt and the one to whom it is directed. As you begin to monitor their behavior, you will be able to set the necessary boundaries in education.

21. If you react with anger at the behavior of your child, you’re tired and upset. You are to blame in this, not your child. Your negative impact could further aggravate the situation.

22. Analyze how you think about your child. If your thoughts lead you to anger and stress, then it is your thoughts, not the child, are the cause of the problem.

23. Your thoughts tend to be implemented. Think that your child is as you want, and think about what methods you would like to educate him.

24. Wisdom is to fix the problem rather than aggravate it. If your child is misbehaving, their stress, frustration and anger you will only exacerbate the situation.

25. To change your reaction in response to the child’s behavior, you should first stop blaming the child in their behavior.

26. Your anger and stress in response to child’s actions show that you are push yourself too, and then rip the anger on the child. If you care about yourself, your child’s behavior will cease to seem bad.

27. If you don’t know how to handle the child’s behavior, just watch, relax and don’t lose confidence. Consider the situation reasonably, and some constructive decision will certainly come to mind.

28. Before you will be able to gain control over the situation, you need to understand what not to control the situation at all. If you have lost control over what is happening, let things go naturally.

29. You should not pay too much attention to the behavior that annoys you. On the contrary, you should focus on the behavior that you like.

30. No need to fight the bad behavior of their child. On the contrary, you must take affirmative steps to achieve a desired behavior.

31. The most important element of good behavior of the child are warm, secure relationships with parents where there is mutual respect. Anger you are not allow to establish a similar relationship.

32. In order to change the behavior of your child, show him your good behavior.

33. 95% of all your actions towards the improvement of the child’s behavior must be positive, loving and even playful.

34. If you constantly think about how you suffer, and perceive themselves as a great Martyr, you lose your power and self-esteem in education. Stop thinking of yourself as a victim, and learn to enjoy your own victories.

35. If you need to be firm, be firm without involving emotions. Imposing on the child’s limitations in anything, show this kindness. Be consistent and your child will easily understand what you’re asking.

36. When you lose your temper, you lose the experience of parenting. Anger and rage interact with the bad behavior of the child is exactly the same as for example gasoline interacts with fire.

37. Finally, you need to believe that you are able to overcome all. You will be able to bring up her child in love without the involvement of anger and stress. If there’s a will there’s a way.

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