Best developmental activities for the child

When I come back mentally in my own childhood, I have always before my eyes there is a picture, as I was, still a toddler, playing on the floor with blocks with her older sister. She shows me different pictures shown on different faces of the toy, and I can not understand the principle of the location of the pictures. And trying to find especially liked the Fox with despair roll the dice on the floor and raise it again. I remember my sister taking a toy in his hands, showed me how you can flip the face of the cube, looking favourite. And mine, with nothing comparable to the excitement that I learned how to search for images.

Since then, sad to say, many years, but when I had a daughter I wanted her as often as possible in their childhood experienced the tremendous delight of recognition of something new and unknown. That is why, starting with the first months of her life, I am very actively engaged in developmental activities for children.

The first game

When my daughter was three weeks, I decided it was time to open the front of her magical world of the game. Having tried a whole bunch of various techniques and having studied many of the recommendations that we identified about a dozen games, training which did not require special investments and was the most interesting to me. Best of all we had three main entertainment, which became our most favorite pastime at this time:

• Black and white pictures. It is known that at this time, the poorly babies distinguish colors. So as not to distract the immature organ of vision and not create unnecessary strain on the mind, we decided to first introduce my daughter with a black and white world, cutting out magazines, several large high-quality photos and drawing with black paint on a white sheet a few primitive images of the objects that surround us.

I remember my daughter liked the crooked little house, painted our dad and the picture of Einstein with his tongue hanging out. On them she could watch for a long time, forgetting about sleep and food.

• Peek-a-Boo. They say that children who are not yet half a year, just can’t realize that, when you hide your face behind a clenched palms, you’re not going anywhere. Exercises of this kind give the baby to understand that, once melted, you will definitely show up again. This brings up a basic trust in the world and makes us look forward to your appearance. Deciding to test it in practice, the baby and started playing peek-a-Boo.

This simple game, which amused their children, our great-grandmothers, became one of the most popular we. You should have seen what a range of emotions in just a few seconds ran a small face. From confusion and despair to happiness to meet again with his beloved mother.

• The balloon with helium. Not being in the full sense of the word educational, this game will help your toddler to have fun, and you’ll free a few minutes for a relaxing tea. About this amusement, we found out by accident. March 8 husband gave me a bouquet of flowers, and my daughter is bright red balloon filled with helium. We tied a thread to the wrist, and little eyes never left the bright spot, jumping in front of his eyes.

More than reviving she felt, looking at the toy, the harder the ball was shaking. Interest in entertainment was missing a couple of months. Moreover, it was noticeable how his growing up, change and the conditions of the game. At first it was quiet contemplation, then attempts to control the ball. When the crumbs have guessed that the ball can grab a thread, and to draw closer to the person we stopped to leave her alone with the toy.

Best educational toys from scrap materials

Somehow it so happened that the purchase of the plot, which at first I was just purchased in unlimited quantities, was interested in his daughter for half an hour. When the house gathered an impressive collection of all kinds of sorters and inserts, I decided to find a more budget option of entertainment for the baby.

Bulk of green beans

For this game you can take any loose items. Convenient for us all was to play with colored beans, and peas, and buttons, and decorative pebbles too. We sat on the floor, arranged around a plurality of containers – plastic buckets, dinnerware, cups of yogurt, and put them in the beans from the plate, which stood right there.

It is also interesting to mix different texture objects, and then back to scatter them in different containers. Maybe someone from adult game seem boring, but the child is just doing mechanical work, and truly enjoys the process, discovering new facets of the world. The main thing – not to leave the young Explorer himself, so he decided not to try toys on the tooth.


We range in age from one year to one and a half very liked to play water. Wash it handles, pour from the container into the container, you throw different objects and observe how they behave in the aquatic environment. At first these games we combined with bathing, but seeing how the child is involved such occupation, began to let her splash around and during the day.

Most often it was happening while I was busy in the kitchen. I would put the baby in a baby chair, a table was covered with a thick towel, absorbs water, and allowed her to pour water in his pleasure. ‘ve got a double benefit – the daughter was really busy and was constantly in front of me while I was making dinner.

The idea of this game I peeked at some mom’s Internet site. There were asked to hide in a box with some toys and to offer the child, opening the container to get a surprise. We are a bit complicated task. I stuffed the box with scraps of colored paper or colored scraps of different textures and buried the toy in this content. The excitement of opening the boxes, it was impossible to describe in words. Digging in the bits of cloth or paper, baby develop fine motor skills, and finding a toy – felt like a winner.

Now there are many kinds of educational cartoons and computer programs designed to increase the erudition of the baby. But I think the good old developmental activities with mom so much better and more important than any, even the most effective teaching materials. Children grow so quickly, and the upbringing and development is so important areas of growing a baby that they should not be trusted with mechanical robots.

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