Childhood fears


Fear is inherent in every person on the planet. It can be reasoned or instinctive. However, what children fear? And how to get rid of it?

In infancy, we experience the fear of unfamiliar people or the smells, unexpected sounds. With age, the range of fears grew, and new, subjective factors that can trigger the appearance of phobias. Even a trip to the nursery or kindergarten is fraught with the development of fear of letting their parents. So Hiking in such institutions are easily tolerated in children with a low level of emotional development.

However, as with everything in this world, the fear can be combated. First of all, give the child such a powerful weapon as the imagination: if his fears a dream, then, and fight with them will have it too fancy. When you have fear of the dark, certain people, animals should lead the child to believe that by defeating the fears in his imagination, he defeated them in reality. Let Your child mentally several times I repeat the action, which is afraid, always with a positive outcome. Then try to overcome the fear in reality. Do not despair if You do not succeed the first time.

Among other things, the cause of phobias may be a trivial lack of awareness. This may be ignorance and misconception of any subject or phenomenon, on the basis of which there is fear. To dissipate such feelings it is only necessary to provide the child access to the real information, whether it’s a children’s encyclopedia or television transmission.

It is very important to reassure the child, to make him feel that, while You are near, he is not threatened and can’t even in any danger. Makes the time the chief defender of his kindred blood. They’re sometimes just as vulnerable because of a lack of the kind words and the feelings that they are needed, loved. Give him Your faith. If it is going to rely on someone close, he will realize that he is strong enough to cope with any there trifling fears.

Provide in the bedroom of the child a source of constant light. It may be a simple sconces, hand-held flashlight or nightlight. The latter is very effective in the fight against fear of the dark. Usually, as soon as the light is not extinguished completely, the possibility of monsters or God knows what apocalyptic events completely eliminated. If the child is initially insecure, stay with him a few times, until he falls asleep, or sleep in the same bed. Let him feel that in any case protected.

It is also important to connect your, truly, parental imagination. You’d probably be surprised at what sometimes tricks resorted resourceful parents. Embed the struggle with fears a little of Your own magic. Let it be cherished word to ward off an evil monster or a ritual to ensure a safe bedroom for the night. Help your child to compile a dictionary of the young wizard, you can use a magic wand.

Importantly – in any case not to leave, that says a child unattended. No matter how absurd or delusional You didn’t seem certain of his word, always listen to them carefully, if necessary dissipating ridiculous or partially substantiated the child’s anxiety in the Bud. Always listen patiently to his suspicions or irrational fearfulness and disprove (or agree, that is also a method) his doubts. Let the child feel at the same time and your own power, and the stone wall in the form of parental care, which never get any monsters.

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