How to lose weight after childbirth? Diet – Health and prevention

To lose weight after giving birth — this problem concerns every woman. once parous. The joy of long-awaited birth of a baby is sometimes accompanied by sorrow over recruited during the pregnancy pounds. Time passes and the excess weight goes away. How to lose weight after childbirth?

About this readers MedPulse tells the doctor the lion Sanchakou.

— Why is this happening? Why you have to think about how to lose weight after childbirth?

— Start with the fact that not all mothers are overweight while waiting for the child and are thinking about losing weight after childbirth. Physiological norms, during pregnancy a woman can gain about 8-10 pounds. From them, she naturally gets rid of during childbirth and the postpartum period. But, unfortunately, very often moms exceed this figure, gaining up to 20 extra pounds while waiting for the child. And so to return to your normal weight and lose weight after childbirth becomes difficult.

There are several reasons. First, it is believed that the expectant mother should eat as much as possible — “for two”. So many women during pregnancy cease to follow a balanced diet and allow yourself to relax, earning it the needs of the future baby. But this is not so. Moreover, the mother is gaining weight, significantly increases the load on the cardiovascular system and complicates their task to lose weight after childbirth, in addition, it thereby prepares the baby to subsequent obesity! The fact that the number of fat cells in the baby is laid in the last trimester of pregnancy. Details about it will not write, see our article “Why weight?”. Gaining weight, mom then it will be difficult to lose weight after childbirth.

Secondly, a pregnant woman much less moving derived from food energy is not consumed. In addition, pregnancy — it’s always stressful, restructuring of all body systems. Included a special mechanism to protect the unborn baby, actively growing layer of fat on the stomach, waist and hips. Finally, the weight gain during pregnancy can cause fluid retention in the body, as well as some obstetric problems, which also makes us think about the problem “How to lose weight after giving birth”

— How to lose weight after the birth of a healthy woman?

— In the first place, in order to lose weight after childbirth, analyze your behavior. There are common mistakes that often prevent women to go back to his old form, i.e. to lose weight after childbirth. Do not overeat, and it will be easier to lose weight after childbirth. Somehow, it is believed that the abundance of maternal nutrition affects the quality of her milk. Actually the process of lactation is controlled by the hormone prolactin, the development of which is not linked to nutrition. So you have every right to change your diet, making it balanced, thereby facilitating the process of losing weight after pregnancy.

Do not eat up the baby. Even if the baby ate less than half of their sweet porridge, you don’t have to eat up the rest, and thereby simplify the task for themselves to lose weight after childbirth. Remember: all excess food is inevitably going to end up at the waist and hips, and the milk will do too fat for the baby. Try not to try, when preparing the food. So he can recruit hundreds of extra calories, which will eventually turn into extra pounds. Whatever you were busy with your baby, eat at least 4-5 times a day, but smaller portions and slowly. Never skip Breakfast, and in the evening try to do light vegetable food no later 19-20 hours. Dinner should end at least 4 hours before bedtime. No need to follow the categorical rule “No food after six PM”. If you used to go to bed after 12, in the evening you will be ravenous. But in this situation it is very easy to lose control and be reduced to nothing weight the process of losing weight after childbirth.

Deciding to make the diet less calories, do not give up on bread. Often the ladies who want to lose weight, to lose weight especially after childbirth, instead of the traditional sandwich, only eat a piece of ham. Better to do the opposite: eat the bread, but the sausage “give the enemy”.

Nursing mother should forget about any diets and starvation. All these extreme weight loss methods will inevitably affect your health. in the well-being of the child. Most importantly — to eat properly and this will teach you a registered dietitian, who will help you to lose weight after childbirth.

— And how to organize your diet to lose weight and lose weight after childbirth, but to obtain the necessary for home Affairs and concerns energy?

— Pay attention to the choice of products. Remember: it is absolutely forbidden food in order to lose weight after giving birth, there is only temporary restrictions. Meat and meat products you may eat only once a day, with Breakfast or lunch, up to 16 hours. But fresh, boiled and baked without fat try to include vegetables in every meal. Dairy products for you to put only low-fat and low-fat. Kefir, yoghurt and milk — not exceeding 1% fat cottage cheese — no more than 5%, cheese — a maximum of 30%. You will approach such varieties as Adyghe, Chechil, Camembert, cheese with caraway seeds.

Do not give up on cereal products: cereals on the water or with skim milk, whole bread, brown rice. But sweet is better excluded from the diet. If you completely refuse the sweets and chocolates you hard, allow yourself a piece of marshmallow or marmalade, marshmallow, one or two pieces of candy a day. Put a ban on the seeds. Unbeknownst to me along with a couple of handfuls of sunflower seeds you’ll get almost half your daily calorie intake and significantly exceed the limit of fats that will complicate your task to lose weight after childbirth.

Instead of packaged juices choose water or fresh fruit. Carbonated soft drinks like coke better avoided — in addition to sugar and caffeine they contain many young mother completely unnecessary colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Nursing mother should completely give up alcohol. If you are not breastfeeding, remember that alcoholic beverages are rich in calories — with a glass of champagne you will receive almost 150 calories. but the question here is not only in calories, but the harm of alcohol for the baby.

Do not take special medicines and supplements for weight loss and cleansing herbal teas when you are breastfeeding. Their use could affect the quality of your milk. Don’t forget about taking vitamin and mineral supplements. But try not to exceed the permissible norms of consumption of vitamins.

— And what to do if a baby — have allergies or suffer from dysbiosis?

— In these cases it is necessary, first, to treat the disease itself. And, of course, a nursing mother, you should adjust your diet, while respecting the General principles of a balanced diet and desire to lose weight after childbirth. Allergies the child’s mother is best to stick to a hypoallergenic diet with the exception of foods that can cause reactions in the baby. And when dysbacteriosis excluded from the diet foods such as cabbage, beans, brown bread.

— Successful weight loss is impossible, especially to lose weight after childbirth, without physical activity. But a nursing mother is unable to give much time to the sport.

— exercise after birth is vital. And to start actively need to move in two weeks after birth. This would not need to allocate time specifically, just use the watch walks with the baby. The most important thing to lose weight after giving birth — to resist the temptation to stand all released for walks in the company of other moms, discussing the challenges of caring for infants. Or if possible a month after childbirth, you can also use physiotherapy — “the gym on the couch”.

Your task – quick to walk at least one hour. Move at maximum speed, without passing on the run and prevent the appearance of shortness of breath. Such a quick walk will help to burn a lot of calories, i.e. to help to lose weight after giving birth, and just have to taste the baby. If you honestly follow all the principles of a balanced diet and give yourself adequate physical activity, you will definitely lose weight after childbirth. This process of losing weight after pregnancy should not be very fast — optimally to lose 250 – 500 grams per week.

But in the case when the scale a few weeks is rooted to the spot, and you think that You will not be able to lose weight after giving birth, despite compliance with all the conditions, it is better to consult our specialist doctor and check the condition of your thyroid and overall hormonal status of the organism. To lose weight after childbirth is not only possible, but necessary!


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