How to remove stretch marks after childbirth

Unfortunately, from the appearance of this unpleasant defect, as the appearance of stretch marks after birth, not insured by any one woman. If you are unlucky, and nature has not endowed you with very elastic skin, then most likely you will be faced with this unpleasant phenomenon. Don’t get frustrated and give up, because modern medicine has a range of technologies that help to remove stretch marks after childbirth almost without a trace.

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Stretch marks: what it is and what they appear

Stretch marks (striae) are injuries that occur as a result of insufficient production of collagen and elastin with a sharp increase in the volume of the body. The body to activate its defense mechanisms to prevent damage to the integrity of the skin and triggers the synthesis of scar tissue in the area of micro-cracks.

This connective tissue “cements” the defects, but, alas, the beauty and aesthetics she doesn’t care. As a result scars form at the site of cracked skin with ugly, jagged edges. First, they have a bright pink color, but over time they fade and become white.

Stretch marks during pregnancy, usually formed in places of the greatest tension (abdomen, thigh, breast, drumstick). Unfortunately, striae alone do not come, they are localized on the body in droves. To recognize them by external signs very easily – a line of elongated shape, white color, with ragged edges.

Among the main causes of stretch marks include:

Pregnancy . First place among the causes of this phenomenon. During pregnancy for a short time there is an increase in the volume of the body (especially the abdomen). Cells do not have time to synthesize the required amount of collagen to provide the desired elasticity of the skin, therefore, arise microtrauma and above the processes of the formation of stretch marks.

Growth spurts in teenagers . Upon activation of the processes of growth in adolescents, when the skeleton grows faster than the soft tissue may cause stretch marks in places tension on the skin.

Rapid recruitment of muscle mass in athletes. The mechanism of development of such similar stretch – the skin cannot grow beyond the increase in muscle volume.

Quick weight changes . This is the second highest cause of stretch marks. With the active set of extra pounds, in addition to shortness of breath, diabetes, diseases of the joints, can also acquire stretch marks.

Endocrine (hypothalamic obesity, a disease Itsenko-Kushinga).

Important role in the development of stretch marks heredity plays . proper and balanced diet, the body water balance.

Prevention is the best treatment

The best way to prevent the appearance of stretch marks on stomach after giving birth is prevention. Because the problem is easier to prevent than to fight it.

Good effect is wearing brace prenatal. This device has excellent support for the anterior abdominal wall, maintains the normal position of the fetus and reduces the load on the spine pregnant.

To wear a bandage is necessary, starting from 20 weeks of pregnancy, to remove it it is necessary only for the night. Postpartum (up to 6 weeks) positive action will have a postpartum brace. This simple device will help you to prevent stretch marks and ease the pregnancy. Don’t forget about the bra that should be only from natural fabrics.

Positively acts on the skin and regular washing with cold water and rubbing hard with a washcloth or towel.

Cosmetic industry offers many facilities that care for the skin during pregnancy, increasing its elasticity and prevent the formation of microcracks. Among these creams are worth mentioning:

The cream for stretch marks “Nine months”.

The cream for stretch marks “Mustela”.

Stretch marks cream “Vichy”.

The cream for stretch marks “Mama Comfort”.

The cream for stretch marks after birth “Lierac” and others.

If you are not in favor of expensive cosmetics, you can prepare a composition for the prevention of skin stretching. For this you will need olive oil, jojoba oil, rosewood, almond, grape seed, peach and any other essential oil.

These components can be safely mixed in any suitable combinations and proportions. You can add to this mixture some vitamin A and E, this will only increase the effect. Daily need to massage problem areas with such an oil composition.

And yet, if stretch marks you are caught, do not worry, modern cosmetology has a number of effective methods to help remove stretch marks on body after giving birth.

AB initio methods in the fight against stretch marks

You need to understand that such methods will not save you completely from these cosmetic defects, but they can make stretch marks less noticeable.

Peels – squad which you can prepare yourself or purchase ready. Remove stretch marks well is using peelings coffee-based or sea salt. This procedure smoothes the skin, stimulates circulation and collagen synthesis.

Massage with essential oils — this procedure is suitable both for prevention and to reduce defects.

Rubbing the problem areas of rough towel or washcloth. These activities are great for stimulating blood flow and activate synthesis of additional portions of collagen, making the skin becomes more elastic, and their defects become invisible.

Wrap with vegetable oils.

Special baths.

Creams for stretch marks.

If all these procedures fail to have the desired effect, you need to think about more radical methods, how to remove stretch marks on the abdomen and other parts of the body.

Laser method

It is difficult today to imagine any branch of medicine without laser treatments. Is no exception and cosmetology. Laser removal of stretch marks is in high demand, and for good reason. Laser completely, painlessly and quickly remove stretch marks after birth on the abdomen, Breasts, thighs and other body areas. Laser resurfacing removes stretch marks scars a depth of 1 mm and stimulates the formation of new, young skin.

Side effects of this procedure are minimal – in the place of laser may be slight swelling and redness, which soon disappear. If you decide to use this method, it is possible to start treatment right away after the cessation of breastfeeding, while stretch marks are still fresh and well cured.

Supplement laser treatment using mesotherapy (injection into the dermis of special substances that stimulate the production of skin cells collagen). This combination will allow you to quickly get rid of any defects and restore its attractiveness.

Microdermabrasion against stretch marks

Microdermabrasion is a skin resurfacing problem areas with microcrystals. This procedure applies to mechanical peeling. The top layer of the epidermis together with stretch marks disappears, and in its place formed a young and beautiful skin. Microdermabrasion is best done in the cold season, because after this technique can sunbathe and use of alcohol-containing means for the body.


This way of dealing with stretch marks, a tummy tuck is extreme measures. This is a surgical procedure that involves Stripping skin areas with defects. In fact is a plastic surgery that can be called the cheapest. Like any other surgery, abdominoplasty has its contraindications, operational risks and complications.

The recovery period is very long and painful. You need to take into account the fact that this procedure is only suitable for the lower abdomen and thighs. To carry out this operation it is possible not earlier than 6 months after delivery, if you have no other contraindications to manipulation.

As can be seen from the above, to remove stretch marks after pregnancy is possible. The most important thing here is to choose the method that suits you.

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