How to teach a child to potty

This question care most moms for generations. And he invariably lead to a whole range of other issues. First of all: when to begin to teach? And also: Which method to choose, the carrot or the stick? Continue to use diapers during this difficult process? What is considered normal and what is a deviation? How to be with nocturnal incontinence? Try to answer these questions together.

In the beginning of our conversation, I want to give one example from life. It includes all possible errors that can make a young inexperienced mother, trying to teach a child to potty.

Alla was only twenty when her life came Andrew, and exactly nine months later a little Slavik. It be caused by inexperience, or simple lack of the necessary literature, but, worn out with sliders and diapers, she decided to start prikazivati Slavik on the potty as early as nine months.

Slavik at first obediently sat thinking that this kind of game, a couple of times even got to the right place. For this mother praised him, and, satisfied with the first small victory, continued to sit son on the potty.

However, the process went into remission. The kid was bored for an hour and sometimes several hours to sit on the potty, and wanted to play, crawl and explore the world around them.

When a young mother was held captive son on the potty, and started crying. Alla gave up and allowed his son to get out of the pot. And then happened the unexpected. Wet panties and mats Alla as some kind of punishment: “You’re doing that intentionally? To annoy me?” So she put all the blame on Slavik, and tears of the little one went into hysterics.

Meanwhile, Alla again sent his son to the potty, stubbornly hoping to succeed. And it was repeated on the new. The baby gradually developed a fear of the potty. He began to perceive it as a punishment, straining, and, of course, could not squeeze out a single drop.

Thank God this story has a happy ending. Alla broke down and delayed attempts to teach his son to the pot until better, more older, times. And did the right thing.

Of course, Slavik did not go in the potty, not in order to annoy mom. He would love to play this game, but… the fact is that up to one and a half years old babies can’t control their urination. They have in mind is not yet ripe center, which delivers the signal from the ureter: “Now we are going to pee!” Therefore, for Slavik wet panties were as much a shock as his mother.

Nine months is too early to teach your baby to potty. As, however, and ten or even a year. The optimal age to start planting on the potty – year and three to four months.

Even before consciously to pee in the potty, the baby will start to slowly get used to it. And approximately one and a half years (all children) will ripen coveted center responsible for urination, and the baby starts consciously to pee in the potty.

Second question: how to achieve the best result? In any case, do not scold! This way You will only achieve the opposite: a child scared of potty and will perceive it as the enemy of the people. And our goal is to bring your baby to the potty.

This requires, first of all, to let him know why you need to go on the potty. Proven remedy is to abandon diapers. The child in the head to form a causal relationship: pee – wet, uncomfortable.

If the unexpected happens, you can also attract the baby to eliminate the trouble. To give him to wipe the floor with a dry cloth (of course, not your sex) or get rinsed in a basin of pants. Let him know that his antics will follow labor punishment (not in the literal sense of the word).

Another tip: don’t force your baby to sit on the potty for hours. Sat for 15 minutes, successful – unsuccessful, go play! The pot should not become a heavy burden.

But if you managed to pee in the potty, be sure to praise him. Approval and praise mom is the best reward for a toddler. And the best incentive to repeat the feat again and again.

Many moms who have already successfully teach their children to potty, are concerned about how to be with nocturnal incontinence? Normal is bedwetting up to five years. Of course, scold the child, waking up in a wet bed is impossible. Praise, of course, too. There are three possible ways, each of which is successfully used by different mothers.

The first way: the diaper. Even teach the child to go potty and, thereby, abandoning the diapers in the daytime, many mothers continue to wear them for the night. Any harm from this, but with age it is better to gradually reduce this practice.

Another way is to drop the child to the potty at night. Effectively, but very troublesome. Have to Wake up and be Wake up and then rocking baby. And, by the way, this does not guarantee that the baby is a couple of hours not will get pissed again, this time in bed.

The third precaution: do not give liquids for three hours before bedtime. Absolute guarantee also does not, but sometimes saves. In any case, one or all of the following methods to use is.

To summarize. Not worth listening to mothers and grandmothers who terrorized us the potty from an early age. They had no other exit, maternity leave lasted one and a half years, and then the garden, and the garden cannot be written, here and tormented children.

Actually, the child begins to control his urination only one and a half years. To teach your baby should gradually and gently, using the described techniques.

Remember that Your baby is unique. And together You will succeed in this rst lesson.

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