Interior Design Studio apartment available for family with child

For many owners of one-bedroom apartments accommodation in a constant shortage of living space is a necessity, which is reinforced by dreams of more spacious rooms with elegant interior. And if young couples are somehow to huddle in one room, when a child can sometimes be a disaster with equipment children’s and adult bedrooms in one area. Therefore, in this situation, you can purchase a house with a larger area that for many is currently not feasible, but it is better to change the interior Studio apartment available for family with a child so that managed to place all the necessary furniture in the most efficient manner. From the thoughtfulness of the design project depends on many things: freedom, the brevity of the interior and visual perception of the environment, and therefore the approach to its formation should be thorough.

The main objectives for the design project

In the first place you should seek individual personal spaces for parent and child. And if in the preschool period of life he will be able to settle for a small room, with age having their interests and personal life, which in no way should interfere with the lives of adults. Naturally, with age the designs constantly have to change to ensure them a comfortable stay, but the interior can initially consider thoroughly, to subsequently make minimal changes.

Because children’s room is the primary location of the child, and to equip it should be functional. Regardless of the area it should include areas: sleeping, playing, working. Naturally, all this to fit in a Studio apartment is not always possible, so you need to find an alternative solution:

to use convertible furniture;

to comply with the brevity and minimalism;

not to create a boring or gloomy atmosphere.

How to divide a room and organize a place for your child?

Creating the design-bedroom apartment for a family with a child, you should consider all the nuances of planning and especially the lifestyle of the parents. If any decision taken must be ready for a reduction in the bedrooms of adults in favour of one of equipped spaces. There are several ways to create a comfortable interior:

The implementation of zoning rooms are similar to Studio layout for visual separation of the total area into functional zones. This option is quite convenient for small small apartments which dominate every square inch, and the separation to perform the standard way by the method of isolation rooms a blank wall is unacceptable. As a result, the volume is not lost, all areas can be lit with natural light, even in the case of the one window, no need to install separate furniture. This option is suitable only for families with newborn children, because privacy is lost sleeping parents.

The refurbishment of individual rooms with another appointment under the nursery. Because children should be well lit in the daytime, then a great choice would be a room with a window with access to the South side. For example, you can convert the kitchen into the nursery or the parents ‘ bedroom: the kitchen be moved to the storage room, living room or balcony. All depends on the preferences of the family and the amount of time spent in the kitchen. Of course, the only option to give the room to the child not many will agree, especially if you often receive guests and the bedroom is both a living room.

Execution of redevelopment is quite a serious step, but proper implementation will have a full one bedroom apartment with isolated rooms. But the rooms need sufficient space unused closets, niches, space to convert for use as living spaces. The standard way to increase usable space is the Union of a room with a corridor and a balcony, and then the separation of the obtained area in certain proportions. As a result, both parents will remain fairly spacious room and children can enjoy a separate room. This method is suitable for children of different ages, but unfortunately, because of the limitations and characteristics of the design of the house is not always possible.

Create an interior room Studio layout

Design a Studio apartment with a baby requires a clear division of the whole area into zones. This will allow each family member to feel comfortable and cozy. Usually children’s area make the window that it was not a checkpoint and there was enough light for games and study. The bed is placed in one of the walls, along the window put a Desk with a chair, and placed along another wall shelves or install a closet. In the center of the zone organises free space under the playing.

If the space in the room and she turns dark after the placement of furniture in the children’s area, then proceed as follows: refuse separate Cabinet for baby and transfer him to the adult’s bedroom, and the desktop is removed from the window. Shelves replace suspended shelves and have them over a workplace. Thus penetrating light enough to light was in all zones, as on his way there will be no obstacles.

Bedroom for adults can be done simultaneously and a guest, to use as a bed folding sofa, and wardrobe to embed in a niche or to make the height of the wall and install a sash with a mirror coating. In the center of the living room are additional chairs and a table.

In each zone you will need to install the hybrid lighting that will provide bright and soft light depending on the need to create a certain atmosphere. Above the bed adults hung side lamps, nightlights, while the kids — lamp directional lights in working and gaming zones.

Color solutions for the two areas should be combined and do not stand out sharply against the background of all volume. Therefore, for bedroom use warm neutral tones, and for children’s brighter shades. Cool tones are undesirable because they create an atmosphere of cheerfulness and activity. But in case of larger rooms or separate children’s they can be used for gaming, living and working area. Red and white when decorating the walls apply only to focus attention and create contrasts, for example, when you design a Studio apartment for a family with two children who need to clearly separate the space in the nursery.

Ways of dividing the room into zones

The most common way of dividing the room into zones is the use of mobile partitions. They allow partial or complete concealment of all that is happening in the nursery, the child is not distracted by guests and not watching what you are doing at this time parents. In addition, while shifting in favor of one or another part of the room can significantly improve their functionality. For example, when carrying out noisy celebrations, parties or the family’s arrival baby’s room can be reduced, and then back to return to their seats.

Finish partitioning may be performed in such a way that she played a key role in the design. However, you should avoid variegated ornaments and small complex drawings that will turn the already cramped room in an enclosed space.

If the family leads a peaceful life, in the interior of a Studio apartment with a baby as a partition you can use a stationary interior. Racks or sofa will be a great option as the child gets stable delineation of space and can arrange it as you wish. On the other hand, children will partially be reviewed and parents will be able to monitor what is happening in the nursery.

Another way of allocating space for the child is to paint the walls in a different colour, to make the contrast with the lighting, install suspended ceilings. But you can use a non-standard way that will allow you to obtain additional space to store things — to raise the level of the floors of one of the zones on a small height. Thus, it can be bulky cabinets and save area of the room. Although it will reduce the level of the ceiling, but this problem is solved very simply by using different visual methods of decoration. These include: the use of bright colors in the decoration, the use of mirrors, sticking Wallpaper with vertical stripes, etc.


Design a Studio apartment with a baby can be created only through a comprehensive approach that takes into account not only the technical features of the plan and the wishes of all family members. Ways proper organization of available space very much, so you should choose a suitable one from them and to adapt to a specific situation.

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