Love and attention to the child

The love for a child – the infinite, sincere and full of feeling. And above all it must come from both parents, to be a real, strong, clear, only then it can be considered complete.

Whatever it was this love, she will never be over, as long as it was manifested in abundance. Always tell your child how much you love it, praise and appreciate him for the work done, talk about how you are happy that you have it. Exactly this love is not enough children from orphanages, these children often get sick and fall behind. Each of us can help these children and to carry a piece of your attention, love and care . Even if it will manifest itself in all sorts of Goodies, sweets, from which no child will refuse. You can also bring to the orphanage toys, new things or clothes your child, from which it grew. Your children’s flea market will be adopted with a Bang!

Scientists believe that abandoned children suddenly die in infancy from lack of parental love and affection, attention and care. Never believe what a parent’s love spoils and pampers children, only your permissiveness, the lack of rules and boundaries contributes to the disobedience of the baby. Therefore, to avoid this it is necessary to correct children’s early development.

Love a child as much as he requires. Don’t interfere in a difficult situation of his child, do not shield from the experiences and failures, the child should assert themselves as a person, and your participation will make him helpless, irresponsible and unsuitable for life in the future. If you will always intervene to fulfill his requests and needs, in the future these children will be more difficult to survive their mistakes.

Every year the children get older and their needs change, therefore, and your love, care and attention. Of course, most young children need constant motherly love and affection, it affects the prosperous development of the child. Sometimes at the age of three the children are willing to do anything on her own and at this point it is very important not to disturb him. He wants to explore and learn the world, even with mistakes and failures, but it will be his personal experience, which will certainly come in handy in the future.

As a rule, such children are less cranky, are easily obedient and become independent. Therefore involve in this age their child to home cleaning, let him not everything is going to happen, but it will bring him a lot of emotions and impressions, he will feel accomplished and useful. It is very important that his participation in the home cleaning reminded me of the game, and his mood had any action.

Most often parents do not properly discipline their children and many are turning to the help of a psychologist. When you punish your child, you understand what does it do? What output you want to get? Parents encourage obedience, but it does not always produce effective results. Physical punishment only aggravates the situation, the child forgets about the act and it becomes resentment and fear, and his dignity is subjected to humiliation.

It is important that the child understood and was responsible for their actions and self-correcting errors. In this case, you can do without punishment, but the child should not absolve themselves of responsibility. Think of your family rules . which will welcome both parents. Otherwise, if your opinions will diverge, the child will not understand what he wants, and will cease to draw his attention on you. Negotiate with the child, do not cry each time you committed the act, try as much as possible to draw attention to his good actions, praise and encourage him.

In adolescence in children hormonal changes occur, and therefore, communication becomes difficult. The child has changed the nature of the mood, he becomes irritable and nervous. Most importantly this period to endure, give your child the opportunity to think independently and be responsible for their actions, to be responsible.

Plays a huge role in the upbringing and development of children by both parents, it contributes to normal psychological development, the child is growing as a whole person with normal interests and common thoughts. The care, love and attention fruitfully affect the future of our children. Even if you have a growing foster child. but he fully deserves this maternal affection.

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