Magic grits to grits for the development of hand movements

Cereals are very useful for the development of a small motility of hands. And yet, digging in the rump has a calming effect on the nervous system of the child and develops the brain.

Be prepared for the fact that the child may be wary to cereals, the children of conservative and wary of new things. Do not force your child to touch cereals by force, let him watch mom plays with a new subject. After a while, curiosity will prevail and he will get interested in the game.

Here are the classes of grains for toddlers from one year to two years. You can add, create something of your own, games with cereals it is possible to invent a huge amount.

Classes of grains for the development of motor skills of hands

Recommendations for practice with barley:

Remember, if You will be distracted from the baby during the class, all of croup will quickly be on the floor. Tell your child that it is impossible to pour the cereal on the floor.

The exercises should be done consistently from first to second.

Before moving on to the next lesson first, previous master, practice on it several times.

Mastered classes can be combined.

Lesson 1: Introduce your baby to the semolina

semolina — 100 grams

children unbreakable plate.

Pour the semolina in a plate and show how you can play with semolina, draw something and be sure to tell your child that it is. Then take one finger alternately on both hands the baby and try different patterns. You can draw a sun, a mushroom, a cloud with rain, circle, faces and anything at will.

Show your baby how you can take the man ku in the Cam and to throw down. Teach you how you can salt fingers. As often as possible say the word « Munk « that the child has memorized the name of the cereal.

Lesson 2: getting Acquainted with buckwheat

You will need:

buckwheat — 2 kg;

pan for 5-6 liters or food-grade plastic box;

a jar with a lid of under vitamins.

Buckwheat perfectly massaging baby’s arms. Lower the handle of the baby in the rump to brush completely immersed. Squeeze open and close their buckwheat in Cam, pass it through the fingers, then gently pull the handle out.

Give the child a jar let he types it handles the cereal and pours ago. Fill the jar a third of buckwheat and close together with the child tightly with a lid. Give your child pogremet jar, and then Unscrew the cover with him and pour the buckwheat in a saucepan.

Don’t forget to repeat often the child that we are playing with buckwheat . to remember the word.

Lesson 3: Prepare porridge semolina and buckwheat

You will need:

buckwheat — 1 — 2 kg;

semolina — 0,5 kg;

pan for 5-6 liters or food-grade plastic box;

tray or small plastic plate, preferably colored;

small sieve;

wooden spoon or plastic.

If You have often done the first two lessons with semolina and buckwheat, the child has already learned to distinguish from semolina buckwheat. Show baby cereals and please determine where buckwheat, semolina and where. Let your child dig in cereals, and then spoons Peresypkin them in the pot.

Mix with a spoon grits — prepare porridge. Porridge can feed from the spoon Teddy bear, dolls.

Using a sieve sift cereals: semolina proseasy in a plate (tray), and buckwheat will remain inside the sieve. Let the kid also try to sift semolina, and then the fingers will draw on her. Repeat the word « sito « that the child remembered him.

Shove the handle of a baby in buckwheat, squeeze in the Cams open and close their, pass it through the fingers and pull outwards.

Lesson 4: the Bags of barley



2 small pouch tied together at the bottom so you can tie them tight.

Let your child pour a spoon in a single bag of semolina and the other with buckwheat. Tightly tie the bags that the baby could not untie.

Ask the child to identify by touch in what bag of buckwheat, and in which semolina. Let the child roll the bags in his hands — croup will massage stick through the fabric. After a few sessions the child will be safe to touch easy to distinguish grains from each other.

Lesson 5: getting Acquainted with the beans

large bean — about 10 pieces; plastic transparent bottle 0.5 litre — 1 piece.

Put the beans on a plate before baby, tell me, what is this beans. Let the child touch her, get acquainted, being careful not to put in her mouth.

Take one bean and drop it in the bottle, now let the child take one bean and throws in a bottle. Offer the kid to close the cover, and show how booming the beans in the bottle.

Lesson 6. Magic bags

You will need:

bags of semolina and buckwheat with 4 classes;

large bean — 10 pieces;

small bag, similar to pouches of 4 classes.

Offer the child to pour the beans in the bag, then tying it tight. Now the kid should be defined in three bags, where semolina, buckwheat, and beans.

Don’t put away the bags after the lesson, let them be in a conspicuous place so that the child is optionally sorted through them and developed their tactile sensations.

Enjoy your communication with your baby!

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