Mom, educator I’m afraid!

In Kiev kindergartens deficit not only places but also normal workers.

“The child broke a finger in the kindergarten”, “ate mushrooms from the stump, and the teacher didn’t notice”, “the teacher hit the boy”, “I went on record, while the panties wet” – can’t argue that this is a trend, but for such cases, parents talk more often. But punish the guilty less. Parents often don’t want to inflate scandal. I’m afraid their child then none of the garden will not accept. Some moms are not afraid to tell “the Newspaper on-Kiev” on how to “education” in their kindergartens.

“I said, “set down!”

Aliona Saenko in September gave a two year old daughter in the garden at Obolon, but took a month, he feared for her health.

In the garden there were strange rules. In the morning, the teacher took the child from the locker room. The children began to cry. Parents could not even go to the group, to stay with the child until he calms down. Caregivers explained that a long separation further traumatize the child, – tells Alain. – Someday came early for the child.

Our group was on mazzarati. Decided to crack to peek and see what they do. Kids (kids in the group from one and a half years to three) lined up in one line, murabitin played the piano and told what to do. We heard the command to sit down. But not all sat: someone was climbing on a chair, someone tried to open the door, someone was bitten by a neighbor.

The teacher, apparently, lost their nerve and she shouted, “I said, “set down!”, when pressed on the shoulders of the child who does not want to execute the command. The child fell down, started crying, others were frightened and began to cry. When parents teacher speaks to the children whisper, a hundred times explains them all, I dread to think what else is going on there when she is alone with the children.

“Aunt said to sit at the window and wait until your mother gets taken away”

– In the summer our wonderful kindergarten for a month and a half was closed and the children at this time were transferred to neighbouring. We stood there for three days – gone with the scandal – says Svetlana Kiriyenko, who lives in the area of the square Shevchenko, a kindergarten, which will be discussed. – Day one. Put child white tights. By the end of the day they would become black, child plays, crawls. This time, tights remained white.

When asked my daughter what they were doing, the child was given: “Aunt was seated near the window and said to wait until your mother gets taken away”.

A second day. Came for my daughter, she was running around the group in a dirty wet jacket. The blouse could be seen that children ate and drank during the day. It was clear that after dinner, no one dressed, although every day wear in the garden packages of spare things. Day three.

Last. The garden is open until seven, I came for the child half an hour before closing. Our group was closed. It turned out that in the group my child was left alone and the teacher didn’t wait until it is taken away, – took their older children. The tutor of the group brought the children outside. It was already cool, daughter running around naked.

It turned out that the baby brought in this form, all the warm things left in our group. The daughter of the adenoids, is a little to premisnet how the problems begin. The next day she was lying with temperature. When trouble came to the teacher, instead of an apology I heard that still beg to take my child in their group.

One parent of few words – I need proof. But how to prove that the teacher pushed the child? Svetlana Kiriyenko was trying to achieve justice, went to the head, the hotline mayor called. Got the runaround from the local education authority, they say, the measures will take. Accepted – the teacher was reprimanded. But the situation is not changed. In the summer, when the kindergarten is closed for a month, the child will still have to conduct in adjacent to the same tutor.

A knowledgeable person

“Parents should learn their rights”

Deputy head of the Main Department of education and science of Kyiv Larissa BIBA:

In the gardens with journalists communicate only with the permission of the district Board of education, and there is sent to the main office.

– Kyiv is not the tundra, parents must know their rights – outraged Larissa Biba. – Open the education Act, there is clearly stated that parents are involved in the educational process. They have every right to be in the group with children. There are parent committees, you can hold a meeting, to invite the Manager, the representative of the Department of education.

I’m not going to argue that in the system of preschool education are all wonderful. We have 500 kindergartens, in which about twenty thousand people. People are different, and all not to follow. Parents should help us, not to retell each other scary stories.

We have enough levers of influence on the heads of preschool institutions, and on educators. This is a moral punishment, and financial. The caregiver can deprive the award of three months or six months. If in six months there will be two of reprimand – dismissal article.

Sausages and canned food instead of meat

One child in the nursery to food allocate UAH 10, in the senior group 12. How to UAH 10 day can truly feed the baby? It’s simple. Instead of meat to give the sausage, and instead of fish – canned. Sausages are fed even in specialized kindergarten for children with problems of the digestive tract. All legally permitted and SES, and the Ministry of health.

Products in the gardens are imported twice a week: on Monday and Wednesday. According to the norms, the meat cannot be stored more than two days. That is what brought Monday, Monday can’t use and that deliver on Monday, no time to prepare. But there is a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on the organization of nutrition in preschool institutions.

There for every age painted, how much protein, carbs and fat per day should get the child. According to this decree, meat or fish should be every day. Canned food and sausages were out, and it does not mean that they are fed every day, explains chief specialist of the Department of preschool education of the Main Department of education and science Olga Chikal.

“Feed the children sausages – crime”

Nikolai Firsov, a pediatrician with 35 years of experience:

Sausage is soy, dyes, a little second-rate meat and spices. We’re growing sick generation – every third child has problems with the pancreas. And those same sausages cause a deficiency of enzyme system, as a consequence of allergic reaction. Then begins liver failure, weakened immune system – and the child does not get out of the sores. And if still not treated, the disease becomes chronic.

On vaccination mom forgot to tell

The daughter was often sick. After another bronchitis decided to take a break from the garden. According to the plan, was vaccination Mantoux. So as not to disrupt the schedule, we made it to the district hospital, – tells Marina Steel, who lives in Kharkov, Alekseevka. – In kindergarten that vaccinated children did late. The nurse forgot that my daughter did test the card, where was discharge from the clinic, did not look again introduced the vaccine. I didn’t say anything.

In the evening, when the child bought (wet test), called the teacher and said that so and so, they forgot to inform. Night Dasha beginning scald temperature to 40, two weeks the baby was dead. Thought kill all. When they came to look for someone to blame, the nurse dumped all the blame on the clinic and on the teacher.

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