Montessori Method

The Montessori method or «help me to do it myself»

Most modern moms and dads, with a shudder remembering the rigors of kindergarten teachers with a team vote or teachers, who forced students to walk in a circle during recess, with understanding and preference are become very popular in recent years the methods of Maria Montessori.

Maria Montessori was an Italian educator and the first woman-doctor — created my own special technique that allows for the education of children. Today it is studied almost all educational institutions do not only our country but the whole world. Many kindergartens today are embracing the Montessori method, which gives significant effects compared to traditional programs.

The fact is that modern society has finally seen that the traditional system is not ideal for the upbringing of the younger generation. That is why there is such keen interest in Montessori. To date the understanding of the inner world of the child this woman and her ideas regarding assistance for its development and formation as a person was very important.

The essence of the method by Maria Montessori

The basis of the method consists in order to include your child in interesting activities. This requires careful development of teaching materials, it is also necessary to take into account their compliance with the natural needs of the child.

As for the Maria Montessori, she called his method as “assisted living”. This method should not be attributed to the methods of early child development, as development has its certain laws which in any case is not worth destroying. The development has its own pace, sometimes it is very dangerous to cross.

Montessori this question came up the other way. She proved that each child has their own pace of development and in this case the teacher should make every effort to remove obstacles that arise on the path of the natural development of the child. That is the task of education and training are combined into one – the purposeful creation of conditions for timely complete development of personality.

Method of education Montessori suggests that the path of raising a child will be coherent and logical. The baby will be free in the environment, which will be specially prepared for him. And the teacher will strongly encourage him to self-development. It will push him to the fact that the kid has learned to solve the task. Chosen for this form of education as a major. Specially equipped room, there’s a lot of different special game benefits that should completely match your child’s age.

How does the Montessori method for children

The methods of Maria Montessori suggests that between adults and children will have equal relations. The main and leading role of the family, from which will depend the adaptation of the child to this system. If the parents agree on terms of methodology, the baby adapts faster and will feel comfortable in the kindergarten or in school.

What will change in the child who will be raised on the Montessori system:

He will love the procedure and work

Will be able to spontaneous concentration

You can love and appreciate the silence and individual work.

Will be able to act according to his own choice.

It will develop discipline and obedience, which will gradually join the independence and initiative.

Foundations of teaching children by the Montessori method

If you give the matter careful deliberation, decide to send their child to school, Montessori, you should know the main basics of the technique. It is based on three pillars: Teacher prepared environment and the child. The main difference from a traditional school in the centre of the child, not the teacher. In such a school is used exclusively individual approach to each child.

The school, which is basically using the methods of Maria Montessori . impossible imperative in relation to children. Teachers do not hurry the little men to grow faster, they give him the opportunity to learn and develop independently. It is also a distinctive feature of the traditional educational system, which does not listen to the internal rhythms and needs of kids. The Montessori method gives the opportunity for another small person to pass the path of knowledge in situations in which knowledge must be acquired solely in the activity.

Teachers give children complete freedom to choose an occupation and the material with which he would like to work. The child decides what he will do with this material. Time will also be spent for as long as the kid wants to do. Even three or two-minute training teacher spends with each student on an individual basis only. Gradually the child will begin to Refine their skills and gain a sense of confidence and independence. Over time, children learn how to find your mistakes and then fix them. This technique will gradually accustom the child to the accuracy from an early age, and this will be very useful for the internal organization of a developing personality.

In Montessori, great emphasis is placed on developing the children’s self-help skills. The child is able to tie his shoes or button my jacket will not only get the experience of autonomy, but also develop the muscles needed to master the writing skills.

For example, Montessori children are given into the hands of scissors that scares many people moms and dads. And in vain, as children advance training work with scissors at various clamps and tweezers. And at any time they have the opportunity to move from the zone of the touch of the material in the math area or any other.

The teacher only offers the baby to move into the zone of proximal development, and he decides to go or not.

Independence for Maria Montessori is in the first place. It is unlikely that any mom will have plenty of patience to watch her child smearing mud on the table or clumsily washing dishes. Easier to do everything herself, and a teacher working on the Montessori method, this will give the child the opportunity to do it yourself.

What is the advantage of this technique for parents?

1. The opportunity to discover available in the child’s personality and talents.

2. The child will be able to focus (than most modern children, unfortunately, can not boast)

3. The child will have the dignity and self-sufficiency.

4. The child will have a wonderful habit to order and to work independently.

5. Children become obedient and self-disciplined.

6. Another quality of these children the love of learning.

The Montessori method tells us that the basis of education should be the principle of strict age periodization. No need to rush the baby to develop, it must do what it must do in its development. Help your children to do it ourselves, in the future, your children become individuals.

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