Picture of the family

When we draw, we are most actively working the right hemisphere of the brain. And it was there that focus on intuition, creative thinking, imagination and other irrational ‘stuff’.

Psychologists, parapsychologists and esoterica agree that our subconscious knows everything about us. It keeps the secret of our past (some experts believe that the past incarnations of the soul), about the future, about the causes of our failures, fears, or, conversely, about the hidden reserves of the organism, talents and abilities. All secret becomes obvious, when a person, without thinking, started to draw. Especially brightly this phenomenon occurs in children. Want to know what’s bothering your child that lurks in his subconscious that prevents him in life or what is able to unleash his talents, relieve stress, eliminate fears? Give him a sheet of paper and crayons and ask them to draw pictures of their family. When the picture is ready, You will be able to interpret the following text, which is designed by specialists in family psychology .

If the figure of the child depicted not only family members but also other strangers, this may mean that the baby lacks the close and warm relationship with their parents. He subconsciously looking for someone who is able to meet your needs.

Note the color of the picture. The color palette can be an indicator of feelings. The most fun colors child portrays himself and beloved family members. But the gloomy tone accrue to those people whom the child dislikes or fears. Moms are often portrayed in beautiful dresses on the head may be an unusual hairstyle with lots of small drawn details. So the kid expresses his love to his mother. Favorite fathers are also carefully drawn with bright colors, like other beloved relatives. The predominance in the picture grey and black shades suggests that the child has no vitality, there are hidden fears. The predominance of bright, warm colors says about optimism.

Of great importance in a child’s drawing have hands. If the child has drawn himself with his hands and long fingers, it can talk about its aggressiveness. Sometimes quiet, docile children draw themselves in this way. This may indicate a subconscious desire to compensate for feelings of helplessness, weakness, a desire to be stronger. If in the figure the kid never drew hands, this signals his shyness and passivity, he needs to tell you how to gain confidence in themselves. Hands hidden in his pockets or behind his back, expressing a feeling of guilt or fear of punishment for misbehavior. If in the hands of the people has drawn a weapon (gun, knife, sword…), so in the family brewing or already present a serious conflict.

Notice how the little painted mouths of the family members. If someone has carefully traced the teeth, it may indicate aggression and evilness of this man. Big or shaded mouth symbolizes backbiting or hysteria of this nature. The lack of a mouth or the mouth as a point – with the view that family member are not considered.

Too sketchy and rough image of himself can talk about low self-esteem of the child, about the feeling of worthlessness, helplessness, humiliation. Similar images of all family members represents the lack of warm relations and mutual understanding.

The arrangement of the figures on the sheet can tell you a lot. Too small a figure itself tells the story of low self-esteem. And too big – about selfishness. In the center of the sheet is often placed by the family member whom the child believes the head and authority.

Characters with huge eyes perceived by the baby as restless and anxious personality. The people in the picture with small eyes in the form of dots or slits carry a ban on crying. In other words, these characters are afraid to ask for help but need it.

The sun is subconsciously perceived by the baby as a symbol of warmth and protection. Things and people, which in the figure are between the sun and the child, preventing him to feel confidence and security.

Figure my family will definitely help You better understand Your baby. You can adjust your attitude, to eliminate the causes of fears and self-doubt have Your son or daughter, help to reveal the strengths of the character. If Your desire for harmonisation little personality you are faithful, You will see that after some time will change the composition, colors and proportions in the drawings of the baby.

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