School Readiness.

School readiness

Vocabulary, mathematical ability, and logical thinking; model tests to determine the level of readiness.

How to know whether the child is ready for school (test, part 1)

Assessment of cognitive development, assessment of the basic experience, assessment of language development, assessing the level of emotional development, assessment of communication skills, assessment of physical development, visual memory. Test interview to determine the degree of psychosocial maturity (horizons).

How to know whether the child is ready for school (test part 2)

Orientation test of school maturity of Core – AirAsia: test “the human figure”; copy phrases from written letters; transcription; questionnaire. Assignments, grading.

How to know whether the child is ready for school (test, part 3)

Graphic dictation, developed by D. B. Elkonin; the labyrinth; the test is “What is missing?”. Job, test images, recommendations for grading.

How to know whether the child is ready for school (test, part 4)

Tests of “Spot the difference”, “the Ten words”, “Fourth man out”, “Classification”, “form a story from the pictures”. Assignments, grading.

Preparing for school “excellent”

What if a future student wants to go to the first class.

First time in first class, part 1

If it’ll relate to your toddler, it will not be superfluous to work out with him. How? For example, test whether a 5-6 year old child to answer the following questions.

What time of year the snow?

What time of year are preparing the sleigh.

First time in first class, part 2

Check out how the child will cope with the following tasks.

What is made from flour?

The strew sand, and water.

The table can be broken, and the glass.

First time in first class, part 3

Play with the child in play “Say it right”: what word in the sentence is superfluous, unnecessary? How to fix the offer, that it was competent?

In the village lived old old men.

(In the village lived old. In the village lived old people.)

The carpet is dusty dust.

(The carpet was covered in dust. The carpet is dusty.)

Useful tips by September 1 for children and parents

This date means so much. Good day and celebrate well. It’s easy to do in your family or consolidate several families, using the suggested tips.

Looking for a good school. But what is it?

Any responsible parent wants to give their child to a good school. However, everyone understands this concept its meaning.

Early Razvitie children as the initial stage of continuous education system

Search of talented children is an urgent task today. But the more global goal of the state should be the cultivation of a talented generation. This is a fundamentally different job.

What do you guys in backpacks.

Nearing the first of September. So, it’s time to buy textbooks, notebooks, pens, and even what the child will wear them. But what to do the most suitable: bag, portfolio, briefcase.

I can’t say the schoolboy

According to teachers and psychologists, even with the best of intentions is not to say the schoolboy some phrases:

“You can learn in all subjects one five”, “Let them miss a day and not going to school, he’ll get worse”.

How not to go crazy before school

As psychologically to prepare your child, whether he is a first-grader or a graduate, for the school year? Because each age has its own characteristics. And abrupt transition from one mode to another could negatively affect the mental state of the student.

1 September (ironic way)

Well. On 1 September. This is my first time in first class. Maman night roars, as if to war accompanies me. Why to cry? We’ve all been there.

The first of September (on the topic of the day)

How many of you remember the beginning of a long learning process? Girls may acutely remember the prom, boys – individual episodes of direction, hikes, fees different material, but that someone clearly and distinctly remembered September 1… But! – there are no rules without exceptions.

The syndrome of the third quarter

By the middle of the school year suddenly becomes hard to learn. The lessons seem long, the teacher talks fast and unclear, not to get up in the morning and in the evening after nine nothing gets in the head.

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