The Autonomy of the child preschool child

I want parents to their beloved child, growing up, from year to year made samostoyatelna? Still! Independence preschool child – this trait is highly appreciated, but many father and mother approve of child’s independence only when it is relevant for them.

Independence of a child strangled by parents!

“Yes let them grow up free and independent, but obey mom and dad, because our word is law!”

This Directive maintains an internal contradiction. Because the notion of children’s autonomy involves the ability to make decisions yourself, and not under a bushel of someone’s tips and thoughts.

Violent protests adults is usually justified by the fact that their son or daughter lacks the life experience.

However, as the boy and girl run the risk of never receive the proper skills (and make friends with immaturity) if under any circumstances to think and decide for them will be caring parents.

Children’s independence and initiative

Of course, dads and moms with a certain degree of fear waiting for the moment when the ship is their baby, giving one a tiny mooring rope, becomes a little more independent from parent’s Wharf.

Their blood, their piece begins to separate! Extremely painful it is for a mother, because her soft caress and tenderness remembered the kid from the earliest years of life.

In such a situation, a woman must not succumb to the feeling dictated by selfishness, otherwise it will cause considerable damage, as the fate of the offspring, and her career.

Over the years there are complaints about the complete inability of grown-up child and that his continued custody robs the mother of a lot of time and effort.

Even our ancestors, it was noticed:

Than more efforts by parents to raise children who are able to do on their own, the more gratitude and respect they receive from their children in old age.

In addition, when the question is posed, children begin to appreciate the father and mother, and not dismiss their advice.

Conversely, when parents have assumed a childish solution to all problems and difficulties, the kids will try to “otvoditsya” from Intrusive custody by hook or by crook.

Not eliminated, and more of a sad outcome: never grow up in my soul grain self-sufficiency, the kids are transformed into lifelong dependents who climbed out the annoyance and irritation to those who could not prepare them for adulthood .

To whet a child’s readiness for independence, to nurse and cultivate his independence need personal example!

The girl will feel much more confident, noticing how professional about her job as her mother. And if the boy, having pricked the ears, will hear about the latest news in the company of the father, it is just before you get the hang of “Mature” life.

With what years would be better dealt with children’s watering rudiments of independence?

Nurturing the child’s independence three years!

Child psychologists have deduced the concept called the crisis of three years. Of course, it is rather conditional, because the specified point comes in all different ways – their rules dictate individual characteristics of children.

But most often the “moment of truth” in psychology tots comes just in the third year of life.

What is remarkable about this period?

Any is not devoid of observation parents are experiencing unimaginable pride, mixed with affection, looking at how their kid, jabbing a finger at the mirror, for the first time implicated.

But just as well dad and mom could hardly hold back the irritation, when two-year old child refuses any coming from them attractive and reasonable offer.

It would seem that the first episode may be cause for a small feast, and the second should cause legitimate concern…

The paradox is that these two events are, in essence, one field berries: the child becomes aware of themselves as separate and completely independent personality.

Parents smile. when their daughter Olga said: “Olga wants”. They smile even wider when she has a clear idea about their own individuality, enabling said: “I really want”.

When comes the climax, sounded more or less solid “I want”, parent eyes burn with pride. But it is not superfluous to know what would follow.

After claiming: “I want candy” follows a shocking rebuttal: “I don’t want any candy!” In terms of development of the child’s psyche is normal, and parents should not flinch from fear and resort to more stringent educational measures.

Just a child requires a certain percentage of independence. Of course, not to forget about reasonable limits.

The three-year baby area of own choice is quite tiny, but the construction around it artificial barriers would be a mistake.

Parents often annoying categorical “no” pertaining to everything that their child can not stand, and even to what he loves, but is proposed in the form of tone.

All these failures have several hidden but significant sense: the kid as he can and gives the adults to understand that it is something to decide.

From the dads and moms would be a gross mistake of the announcement of the minor war far-fetched whims.

This tactic will only contribute to strengthen the baby’s undesirable behavior. But no less a sizeable blunder and the other extreme – with a helpless and humble expression to indulge negative manifestations.

This, no doubt, will also stand the child a disservice, because it needs to become a complete person with reasonable needs and desires.

The boy or girl comes first and unfamiliar crisis of comprehension, and the parents must help them survive this is not a good time, drawing attention to nurturing children’s independence .

If the problem will be greeted with sanity and humor, then the child won’t be able to understand that the independence of a child is something more than a General denial.

How to foster independence in the child

How can that be?

First, communication with the baby needs to eliminate the categorical tone.

Secondly, to refrain from violent reaction to the protests of the child (because they are based on precisely this reaction). Why not turn things in comic and gaming channel with pretty cacti gentle pozadovane.

Thirdly, to support its decision by a simple principle, when not required by the circumstances.

Fourthly, sometimes in the course you can let and tricks, mitigating the requirement and giving the child some choice: “You’ll go to bed now or after you put your animals?”

And last, you need to provide the child the opportunity to choose when it is really appropriate.

Let him get acquainted with my mother’s menu and choose what will be there. Let him put on the suit, which he likes, and go play where he likes.

Thus, the denial phase is properly evaluated by the parents, will inevitably become positive, and mom and dad will be able to correct the behavior of their offspring, to enjoy how successfully formed the autonomy of the child and his personality.

In the following article the reader will be offered ways to encourage children’s independence, its development and the right directions.

Wish happiness to your family that nurtures independence of a child!


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