The boy’s Upbringing: main rules

Ideally, most parents expect the boy’s education will lead to the establishment of a real man. But “running the show” not only the parents, although their behavior can often be the determining factor.

The main task of parents is to promote effective, positive development of the child and gain their own perspective ways. Taking account of raising a boy would be essential.

The current model for men is different. The boy’s education should be geared to this. Today a man must have is not so much physical force, mind and intelligence to succeed. In addition, modern boys can be trained and work around the house. Women, their future lady, assumed some of the financial worries, removing the sole responsibility with men for the family’s prosperity. It is also important to teach the current boys to family values, to the upbringing of future children. In current time the father’s influence on children’s lives, starting with preparation for birth and the birth itself, increases. Successful man today is a worthy dad. For a boy it is important the large space and physical activity. Arrange in a room, sports area, go out often on the Playground with a ball or go for a walk on bikes, on roller skates. Boys, like men, tend to unite. Let this Association better will happen in the sports team, in a mug, etc. But do not impose their interests. Offer and let’s make your child a choice. He will keep the love, confidence and self-respect. The experience of violence is inevitable in the childhood of the boy. Create conditions for full and constant trust in the family. The only way You will be able to help the child. If necessary, assistance may be provided by a psychologist. The boy’s education does not mean lack of affection for him. Sorry, boys up to 12 months. get only 1/5 of the caresses which were given to girls this age. The lack of affection, according to psychologists, is the cause further psychological problems in men, lack of emotion and inability to build relationships on trust in future family life. The adequacy of affection from my mother, on the contrary, gives a sense of inner security, creates the conditions for personal and social success. For a full education of the boy is very important to grow in a family with both parents. This allows the child to master gender, social, and personal characteristics. A single parent family is not a catastrophe. But there can be two extremes: the loss of part of men’s nature and the adoption of women’s attitudes or increased aggression, inflated the value of strength. Preservation, a large tolerance, unconditional and universal love – it must accompany the boy’s upbringing from my mother. With 7 years in the education of boys to the fore the role of the father. Mom needs to recognize the identity of the boy to the men’s society and to have the second word in making decisions about the child after Pope. If the mother is single, you have to enter in the education of a worthy man: uncle of the child, older brother, grandfather, coach, or someone else. You should not combine the female and male functions. Spend the differences between a man and a woman, show male examples, the versatility of behavior, interests in other men. If the mother is raising the child, it is unacceptable to take over the tasks of her husband to her son. This is a very heavy burden for the child, creating a symbiotic relationship with the mother, depriving a child of their own, independent life. For single mothers it is important to explain to the child that in the future he will need to start your own family to take care of his woman and to raise their children. Always be forced “her husband” for mom is a failure in the boy’s upbringing. The first image of femininity boy will read with mom. Mom should not become “the guy” for the boy. Better if it is to emphasize their femininity, a combination of strength and softness, sincerity, emotion. My mother often better to praise the child’s father when the boy and them together, to emphasize the significance of male bonding, of merit. If the father does not live in the family, it is dangerous to speak of it with disrespect even the most reasonable for mom reasons. The son is of the father, and the boy can take the blame and the hatred of the mother to the father to “male scum” on your account. Try to remember the good moments with his father. That son would be with his father in later life, dad will have to start close fellowship with him from birth, or even conception. Psychologists acknowledge the importance of attention to even the future mother of the boy to establish further ties father and a child. The main tasks of the Pope in the upbringing of his son: to instill in the thirst of achieving the goal, to cultivate discipline, self-organization, responsibility for the given word. But it is worth remembering that these tasks successfully will be implemented only in case of personal example, not by orders and instructions. Dad needs to recognize the right of the mother’s tenderness towards his son. Papa needs to take his son the way he is. Studies have shown that the mismatch inflated male requirements leads to heart disease and early death in men. Not all activists and “decent” fighters. If the child has conflicts with peers, let’s only appropriate for his useful advice. Besides, not knowing the parameters of the enemy, to destroy his health, advising that “next time to give a face”. If parents are divorced, dad should make every effort to regular meetings with his son. Visit parent meetings, communication with caregivers and teachers, talking with his son on the phone and in meetings – this creates conditions for a close and trustful communication. It is necessary not only to ask about his events, but also to talk about their. It is important not to forget to take your child with you on the male, and exciting activities. If mom is going to bring into the house of his stepfather, should take into account age features of the boy. Up to 4 years will make it easier. In 5-7 years the likelihood of conflict because of the Oedipus complex. From 7 to 11 years when properly raised an independent boy’s stepfather will be able to enter the house under their role. The stepfather should be aware that he belongs to a different family with its own rules, and to treat it with respect, without abrupt introduction of change. His mother would make everything smooth communication. Jealousy of the child to the stepfather and the mother should be taken as a natural reaction. Mother should give the child no less love than before. To win the trust stepson, stepdad, it is important to find common interests with the boy. Communication and General emotion will allow us to know each other, mutual understanding. Stepfather can be a good older friend. In becoming a child of any gender is important for parents to choose a single strategy in the implementation of all tasks of education and development. Otherwise it leads to internal conflicts of the child.

The successful upbringing of the boy could be something more complicated than educating girls. But it is feasible! You can do it!

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