The Education of children in the family and unconditional love

Raising children in a family is a huge reservoir in the behavior and consciousness of man.

With the advent of the baby in the house there is not only joy, but also an additional burden, because to a large extent on the family depends on how the baby will grow.

Teachers lament that many adults are almost not raise their offspring. What mom and dad say no, we from an early age hired Tutors and tutoring, give dancing, sports, drive them to classes in different techniques .

But in the end, what do we have? Mothers and fathers are excluded from their children, blaming the education of others, while forgetting about the irreplaceable role of education in the family. Because the education of children in the family is giving a huge spiritual strength and love, which no one except the parents in the right amount to give the child.

What not to forget in family education?

Every kid needs to feel and know that his mommy and daddy love in any situation, that is unconditional love. It is unacceptable that the child does not listen to say: “I don’t love you, you’re bad!” The same thoughts can be expressed differently: “I don’t like the way you’re behaving!”

Children constantly need confirmation of love mom, dad, grandparents, the attention from them. Child, even a very adult, need a hug several times a day, to say that you really love him, praise for good deeds and behavior. The peculiarity of family education that are the main feelings and emotions. Love doesn’t happen a lot, it is impossible to spoil a baby. But the love of a child is not indulging the whims, loving adults are not allowed to do to a child everything he wants. This is just an attempt to cover up the weakness of his character.

It is in the family the child learns to live and interact in society, here he draws the necessary knowledge, the first notions of good and bad, gets the concept of how to act in a given situation.

The education of the child in the family instills the skills in the team, so it’s important for your child to have brothers and sisters. When children in the family, they grow more attuned to life. Communicating in the family, the child learns to interact with people of different ages, different temperaments and habits.

Every family establishes its own traditions of education. Generic methods on education for all families no, but certain rules should be observed in any family.

• Education in the family should be carried out in an atmosphere of happiness and love.

• Any training and development of the child should be conducted in the form of the game .

• Adults should accept their children for who they are. Not all are geniuses and geeks, and it is not the main thing in life. Children need to develop their abilities.

• The education of the child in the family should be based on gender, age and personal characteristics of the child.

That can adversely affect the child’s upbringing in the family?

• First, the attitude to wealth (regardless of family welfare, may also occur in wealthy families and in families with limited incomes) – the exalting of material values over spiritual.

• Authoritarianism and impunity are developing complexes or provoke inappropriate behavior.

• Negative climate in families – a very common phenomenon recently. Quarrels, scandals are the source of psychological problems in the child.

Family is a small group, which may have different impact on the child, but, unfortunately, not always positively. The positive role of the family is huge, but no one and nothing can cause so much damage to the psyche of the child as the dysfunctional family.

Incontinence adults serves as a negative example for the younger members of the family; the anxious, nervous moms grow up children; authoritarian adults overwhelmingly affect their child, which leads to self-doubt, a bunch of complexes.

In young families has been a good trend. Parents interested in different methods of child development. try to give their children more attention. What is laid in the family stays with a person for life.

Love and punishment of children, how could they be compatible? Everyone has an opinion, and that’s what I think about this the experts and just different parents, watching a talk show, “word”:

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