The love of a child in a happy family

Raising children in the family given much attention in the literature and in publications. This topic is relevant at all times and it is clear that children are the future of humanity. If you cease to be born children, humanity will perish. So the theme of love to the child will never lose its relevance, as long as humanity lives.

If a person is happy and the joy of another when suffers from the fact that suffering another when he wants to bring joy to another and to reduce their suffering is the desire we call love. For the mother source of great joy is for the health and welfare of their child. Fair and feedback – the joy of a mother is a source of joy for the child. Therefore, the education of children in the family – the lot of responsible parents, it is the main duty of the husband and wife equally.

Only the parents, mostly the mother can selflessly love a child, simply because he is, he is close to her, no matter “good” he or “bad”. First the child, as if learning to be loved. Then, in advanced age, he learns to love, learns to show love toward others. First, one shows love, above all, to the parents, then the spouse, then to his children and later grandchildren. If the child is deprived of love, if it is treated like he doesn’t need anyone, he ceases gradually to respect themselves and these children are experiencing feelings of inferiority.

The ability of a mother to love a child depends on many factors, the main one is the family atmosphere, which was brought up by the mother herself. If her childhood “disinterested” loved, inherent in her since childhood, the ability to love will be widely used. And those are mistaken who believes that every mother has laid the maternal instinct. If this were so, there would be child abandonment in maternity hospitals immediately after birth, would not be abandoned and street children, and those in the world – a huge amount. Therefore, disappoint maternal instinct. The ability of a mother to love a child is not an innate quality. This ability is a product of upbringing. Ie it turns out that in a happy family grow up happy children. In unhappy families, unhappy children.

Also on the ability of the mother to love a child is affected by the emotional relationship women and men in the family. If conflicts often arise in the family. then you begin to feel anxiety and woman in the family and becomes irritable. And she’s looking for a reason why the love is gone? And in many cases, sometimes on an unconscious level begins to think that the turmoil in the family began after the birth of a baby. And comes to the conclusion that the baby is the culprit of conflicts in the family. And what kind of love to the child may be involved in such cases?

The following condition is affecting maternal love for a child is the health of the mother, both physical and mental. Pereutomlenie, tired, irritated woman in the family, even in the positive family atmosphere will not always find the strength to truly love a child. Crying, refusing to sleep, the child often causes the mother irritation. And child very much feels it. And he begins to respond to the mother as a dangerous object that brings suffering. And when parents complain that their children do not love, we can safely say that children are nothing to do with it. Blame the parents, brought up the wrong children in the family.

Need for love in the child, emotional contacts, much stronger than all the other necessities, even food. And if the woman poked into the head bad idea: “don’t need to take the child’s hand, and he will get used to it”. If you follow this advice, the disease is called – the lack of emotional contact – go into a chronic form. Thumb sucking, bedwetting at night is a small part of the consequences of this.

When the baby grows up, the parents and, in particular, the mother love the child not just so, and only for some specific features. And this love helps to form certain character traits corresponding to the spiritual values of this family. It is this love for a child and help raise it, because all good deeds are underpinned by love, and the bad are suppressed, since it is not backed by love.

Sometimes parents give advice, type: live amicably, in accordance with the moral values of the society, be polite, attentive and hardworking and then the children will learn this style of life will begin to imitate their parents and become good. But, in that case, why is often a hard-working spouse children lazy? Or the good people grows, the child is selfish? It is possible in this case to put all the blame on the school or on the influence of the street. But this will only be avoiding the question: why do children imitate disadvantaged teenagers, not good parents?

The child sees, as do his parents, this is true. But will he behave? To impart any action, you need to perform this action was accompanied by positive emotions in the child. In itself, the repetition of these actions will not. And only positive emotions leave a trace in the soul of a child.

Imagine the situation – the child does not want to remove the toys. You can force him to do it. And what’s next? Of course, fearing her father’s wrath, he will remove them. In the future, for fear of his father, he can learn to remove them. Perhaps, therefore, you can teach him to walk to the store, to sit for lessons and even to chop wood. But what is the true incentive to work? Not a desire to experience the joy of the work done, but only a desire to avoid an unpleasant situation. Therefore, such methods of education will instill a love of labor, but rather, an aversion to work.

But love itself cannot be considered an automatic source of origin of the positive qualities of the child. To depend on all bude from baby love. If for aggressiveness, cruelty, deceit and treachery, it will grow. A mother’s love for her child is the impetus with which the child jumps into life. Much will depend on how it all began. Was conducted such an experiment, chickens were taught to eat from a spoon. Then I fed on the ground. The single they chose not to bite, because from the beginning they instilled certain behaviors that drove them innate reaction of the pecking.

And with small children it is better to teach than to retrain. And it should be done, starting from early childhood, because to raise happy children is one of the components of family happiness .

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