The Education of girls ( from 3 to 4, 5 years)

So, let’s continue the conversation about how to properly educate a girl for future motherhood. In the previous article dealt with the period from birth to three years. But time goes on and our girls grow up. So, let’s move on to the next period:


The interaction with the mother. How mom participated in the emotional life of his daughter, depends on the attitude of girls towards their future motherhood. If the girl showed excessive demands, shouted at her, strictly punished, in her mind formed the concept of “bad parents”. Subsequently, this may cause psychological infertility: consciously a woman wants children, but subconsciously insanely afraid to hurt them.

Another important point: did the girl satisfaction with their moms in motherhood, or maybe she was presented it as a thankless labor. If my daughter often hears from his mother’s words: “I’m sick of it! Work for you, and in return, no thanks. “she formed the notion that children are a burden, a source of eternal fatigue and bad mood.

The object to follow. In this age there is another very important need – to imitate. What would mother do, my daughter always wants to participate: to wash, to cook, to knit, to remove. Of course, a small child is more hindrance than help, but it cannot repel.

Playing dolls. The little girl starts preparing for the future role of the mother. For this it needs to be not only dolls, but also accessories maternity: prams, cots, diapers, undershirts. But pacifiers and bottles better not to buy, so as not to form the priority of artificial feeding over breastfeeding.

The best doll for playing the role of mother is a prototype of a baby, and not Barbie or Cindy. First, these toys mimic adult woman, and a girl, instead of nursing, is serving her. Secondly, these dolls do not contribute to the development of the child’s imagination. Therefore, familiarity with them should be postponed until 6 years. Teach your daughter how to handle “child”: to feed, to wash, to swaddle.

Playing with dolls, girl imitates her mother. Therefore, parents have a chance to see how the daughter perceives their educational moments. If the girl scolds and hits the doll is mad at her, so does her mom. This behavior is a protective reaction of the organism that seeks to protect the psyche from injury: if you Politica on the doll, it becomes easier.

Such unambiguous interpretation of the child’s behavior, contemporary psychologists is not only regrettable, but also alarming. After all, often when accusing parents in poor care of the child the word of the psychologist becomes the last.

What to do mom, if the baby is “offended” by the doll? First, to change who you are, secondly, to teach my daughter to communicate with the doll without screaming. But if mom doesn’t tend to yell and spank the child, what to do then? First find out what is happening in the garden, to revise the cartoons, which overcame the child and try to assess them from the point of view of the child.


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