The education of the child in a single-parent family

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To date, the number of single-parent families is growing inexorably, and in some cases this happens consciously when the woman made the decision “to give birth to himself”, thus pushing and the baby and not in an easy situation.

According to psychologists it is not always the full family can cope with raising a child. what then to speak about a single-parent family, where all the responsibility fall on the shoulders of one parent.

Being raised without a dad

Each incomplete family has a history. To can occur as a result of the divorce of parents, death of one of them or illegitimate birth crumbs.

As tragic as this may sound, but the atmosphere of upbringing in a single-parent family resulting from the early death of a parent, is most favorably compared with other options (divorce, illegitimate child).

In particular, if the former relationship, be maintained, which will provide the child with psychological support, compensating for the lack of communication, while surviving parent receives help and respect from friends and relatives.

Mothers who are raising children without the involvement of fathers, it’s twice as hard than married.

The ” worst ” option for the child – dad is gone.

This incomplete family needs psychological help, because mothers often make mistakes:

The first variant. daddy does not love you, he is bad.

In this situation, especially the son is automatically a feeling of inferiority and the Association ’ s dad is a bad time, and I mean bad? Dangerous this situation is and for girl – in the future she can’t trust men, so originally heard the claim that they are all bad;

The second variant. “tug of war”.

With one hand the child needs the father’s fellowship, but on the other hand – he does not tolerate separation from him, in particular, if daddy goes to another family.

In this situation, he feels abandoned and unwanted, and parents – to blame. And then, to alleviate guilt, parents start “to throw” of their child’s gifts. In some cases these children are being manipulated.

The third variant. a new dad.

Many psychologists argue that single mothers should be more likely to arrange their personal lives – to get married.

If the new Pope takes the baby and become his real father then, Yes – this is the correct output.

However, the woman must be ready for it, after all the shouting and punishment by the mother of the Pope is perceived as the measure of education, and from the stepfather – as a thorn in the side of the child.

Being raised without a mom

It is considered that a child who grows up without a father – this is a semi orphan, and here’s the kid growing up without a mother – this round Syracuse.

And perhaps it is no wonder, after all, no father in the world, and even the most perfect, has no such invisible and tightly linked bonds, as a mom.

The resulting bond between mother and child is inexplicable, and is laid at the genetic level during pregnancy. And in the other, that bond is broken.

In this situation, the baby is the most difficult, while dad life goes on – work, friends, walks.

Being the only parent, his father begins to fear its responsibility and role, often resort to extremes.

The boy starts to raise in severity and rigor, as it is so necessary to raise a real man. But the little boy from such training will only move away, he needs care and affection which was given to mom, hugging her and kissing him on the forehead.

However, a girl brought up in such a family, subject to strict controls, in the time, as she wants trust and understanding from his daddy.

Often children who were brought up by fathers, grow, capricious, hysterical, uncontrollable, stubborn, or Vice versa, confined and intimidated.

Often these children are parented by a sense of loneliness and envy.

There may be an inability to build relationships with peers that, in future, to prevent the creation of a family.

In addition, pediatricians have noted. the education of the child in a single-parent family, leads to frequent illnesses at an early age to try tobacco products and alcohol.

To avoid these consequences, you should:

To praise children, but it is important not to overdo it. Praise should be the case and in moderation.

Talk to him – become his true friend, talk about everything and as often as possible.

It is important to be truthful with the child – in any case do not need to avoid talking about mom or dad living separately.

“Buy” their baby care and lots of love, rather than the usual toys. One wise man said, give your child 2 times less money, but in 2 times is more attention.

Do not pass up assistants – grandparents, aunts and uncles.

You should always be confident in their abilities!

The education of a child in a single-parent family, does not mean that it is defective.

Can be full of family, but it is defective.

And there are times on the contrary, when the family reigns the spirit of mutual understanding, friendship, respect for others, when the child loves the mother and enjoying life – it’s a complete family.

So do not despair and lose heart, if the baby is growing in a single-parent family.

It depends on you the happy future of your child – nurture it in love and understanding.

A parent should be for their inheritance, and mom and dad and a true friend.

Feeling confident in the parent, the child and himself to become confident. Keep this in mind and then you’ll raise a real man with a capital letter.

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