The Influence of theatrical activities on the development of creative personality of the child

The theater! As it means a lot to a child’s heart, what to look forward children meeting him!

Theatre can do everything or almost everything. It works wonders: amuses, educates, develops creative abilities of preschool children, corrects their behavior, promotes emotional disclosure, develops speech, oratorical abilities of children, gives confidence, helps to acquire the skill of public speaking.

In recent years I depth work on the theme “the impact of the theatrical activities on the development of creative personality of the child”, because performing arts contributes to the comprehensive development of harmonious personality of the child. Communicating directly every day, the art of theatre, children learn to be more tolerant to each other, good-natured, reserved, collected. The theatre has a great emotional impact on the hearts and minds of preschoolers, expands children’s horizons, enriches and develops speech, forms the moral ideas, develops mental abilities of children.

All children love the performances. They not only like to watch the view, and themselves to be artists. To make the joy of communicating with the theatre daily, you need to create a corner of the theatre in kindergarten.

Performing arts is close and understandable to children, because in the heart of the theater lies the game. Theatrical play and child comes from the same conventions, and focus yourself in reality to the same extent that everyone sees it and how it is able to Express.

The need for play in children, no doubt, is great, appears very early. In two or three years the kids willingly depict Bouncing bunnies and the chickens, chasing the hen-mother. They are happy to transform into kittens and dogs, small zone. Their imitative and imitative, always dimensional, but extremely rich and therefore carry a high positive charge.

Dramatization is the most common type of children’s creativity, which manifests itself in a variety of forms – and as in composing, improvising short scenes, and as a staging ready for literary material.

Children are attracted to internal emotional richness of literary subjects, specific actions of characters.

A theater-play activities are varied – and they are all interesting in their own way.

Acting out little skits, reincarnated, in children is polished language, develop self-confidence resourcefulness, opens space for creativity.

Theatrical activity is not excised clades for the language development of children. Begin to beat poem,

go to the scenes, the top is a dramatization, where the guys have to speak correctly, revealing the nature of the characters, to combine words with stage action, which is difficult, especially complex for children, but in the beginning, and I work in the middle group, because for me as

caregiver it is important to conduct a study of the development of speech, so they were like little plays, where I play the main role, and the children are learning to be artists. We come alive in the classroom dolls, bears. Comes desktop theatre, finger, and most importantly the children play, they wear masks, become – are not on the lesson, and in the woods ….,and there aren’t tables and chairs, and fantastic country. Children are moved from the ordinary to the theatre and so at least 5 minutes. Thus, many child cannot speak, it is staged in unusual circumstances, says he unwittingly expressive that I seek. As usual tasks: to teach. pin…, forming…

In the classroom I turn into a magical fairy in my hands a magic wand and we are going to Toyland, where we divide the words into syllables, determined by the number of syllables, we find short and long words, finding the particular sound in the word, and then the children perform magic movement magic dolls .Also happens in math.

Mathematics is inexhaustible opportunities for the development of live imaging and mathematical thinking of the child.

If you think about it, at first glance, mathematics and theatrical activities are two little components together. I myself like to reincarnate, play. There were moments when I dressed, come to class. Once I turned in the “hare” is a magical mathematician, and without hesitation, the class was shown the result. The conclusion of the lesson was much better than the usual, simple. I had such children, which sometimes will not catch the word, very little activity. And here, on the contrary, these children showed, proved. They communicated with me, as the caregiver, but with the hero. The hare gave them presice in response. And those children who were silent, gave him the answer, wanted to get presice. And I realized that math is better on theatrical activities. And from that moment, I consciously began to dress up, to go into the story. In class we performed different tasks( this from the king, Baba-Yaga, Ivan Tsarevich, because the children are more open, playing in a tale, better work, and reveal creative hidden reserves. But what is not interesting as a fairy tale, because children believe that the tale works wonders and it is there. Better and more interesting to consider a fabulous chests, jugs than simple sticks, balls. Children find it more interesting to talk with a fabulous hero. The inclusion of theatre in the work, there is better absorption, retention, activity. No passive. The most important thing to teach children to create, to compose. Through theatre activities are getting the best children’s responses. And so it was to help me theatrical activities. Theatre and mathematics are inextricably components. Through them, the process of thinking because thinking is the highest stage of cognition – the process of reflection of objective reality, the perceptions, judgments, notions.

Of course the important point is that in the theatrical activity is summarizing is an integrated lesson for language arts and mathematics will be held in conjunction with music and dancing. Children dress up in costumes, are in the tale. Children receive important tasks, the decision itself is the lesson. All this applies with music and the result is a performance where the children show their mental and creative abilities. In the younger group is complex, and in the senior and pre – integrated.

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