The Way to eliminate bad habits in children

Vladelcy of the patent:

Perm state medical Academy

Use: medicine, pediatric dentistry. The challenge: improving the efficiency of the method. The inventive method consists in applying on the skin, the mother’s breast, nipple, etc sensitizing substance. A new method is that as an irritant substance is a gel of sodium alginate with the infusion of herbs wormwood, in the following ratio, wt.%: sodium alginate – 6,0 chopped herb wormwood – 7,0 – 10,0 distilled water – 84,0 – 87,0.

The invention relates to medicine, namely to dentistry, and can be used in the practice of orthodontics and Pediatrics to eliminate bad habits in children and prevention of dentoalveolar anomalies.

To mitigate sucking reflex underlying bad habits, various tools are used. However, to reduce the amplitude of unconditional sucking reflex is quite difficult, as formed in the motor area of the cerebral cortex, the center of excitement acquires all the traits dominant.

Known methods of eliminating bad habits in children of early age (sucking nipples, fingers, chest, mother of children older than 1.5 years): superimposition hard elbow bandages; putting gloves on his hands; the appointment of psychotherapy; orthodontic appliances; the application to the skin of the hands of children of mustard, wormwood extract (Z. V. Vasilevskaya, A. D. Mukhin “Deformation of dentition in children”, Kiev, 1964, p. 298 299; L. P. Zubkov, F. J. Khoroshilkina “Treatment and preventive measures in orthodontics”, Kiev, 1993, pp. 138 139).

Disadvantages: the use of orthodontic appliances in children under 3 years of age is not recommended, as it is not easy to remove the casts of the upper and lower jaws for the manufacture of the apparatus; infants, even after manufacture of the device, yourself can remove them from the oral cavity during the day and at night; when applying bitter irritating substances (mustard, etc.) on a pacifier, finger or the mother’s breast, the child requires to wash them. Irritating substances are easily removed from the applied surface, have an unpleasant odor.

The invention is directed to solving the problem: improving the efficiency of the process by the prolonged action of irritating substances. The task is achieved by application to the skin of the hands, the mother’s breast, nipple, etc sensitizing substance. A new method is that as an irritant substance is a gel of sodium alginate with the infusion of herbs wormwood in the following ratio, wt.

sodium alginate 6,0 infusion herb wormwood 7,0 10,0 distilled water 84,0 87,0.

The method is as follows: it is based on General and local measures aimed at weakening the sucking reflex: 1. General psychotherapeutic effects on the child from the mother. This is a conversation that explain to the kid that “he’s a big, nipple doesn’t want it, therefore, becomes bitter and tasteless” (the respective conversation in regard to the sucking of the fingers, the mother’s breast, etc.).

2. Local effects on the receptor reflex arc links with dosage forms in the form of a gel. In her compositions used 6% gel of sodium alginate in 7 10% infusion herb wormwood (Herba Absinthii).

The preparation of the gel is as follows: medicinal plant material the herb wormwood (V. 44, GF 11, p. 303) is crushed to 5 mm (sieve No. 50). Then from the prepared raw material is prepared 7 10% infusion of the herb wormwood (7 10 g herb wormwood to 100 ml of distilled water) by infusion in infodiva apparatus with electric heating AI-3 for 15 minutes at a temperature of about 100 o C and then cooled at room temperature for 45 minutes.

In the obtained extract is placed 6 g of sodium alginate (VFS 42-1680-87) and left to swell for 1 hour at room temperature; then mix until complete homogenization of the solution.

The gel composition, in wt.

powdered herb wormwood 7,0 10,0 sodium alginate 6,0 distilled water 84,0 87,0.

The resulting gel is a viscous mass of dark brown color with a specific smell entered the drug substance (the smell of fresh grass).

Gel, depending on the nature of bad habits in a child, is applied to the surface of the rubber portion nipples, the skin of the fingers of the child, breast nipple of the mother, objects (pencil, pen, etc.). The gel absorbs quickly (within 1 to 2 minutes) followed by the formation of transparent, thin, uniform film thickness. Often the gel is applied before going to sleep or feeding to eliminate bad habits and consolidate the results of treatment. It is necessary that the children have not seen the procedure of applying the gel to pacifiers, the mother’s breast, etc.

Examples of specific performance.

Example 1. M. Sasha, 2 years. On the day of the inspection in the bathroom of a healthy child noted that the boy sucking on a pacifier at bedtime, and drinking from a bottle with a nipple on the horn. Diagnosed open bite.

Interviewed with her mother. Recommended to feed the baby only with a spoon and drink from a mug; to hold a conversation with a child that “he’s a big nipple and he doesn’t need”; assigned to the application of the gel (6% of sodium alginate in 7% tincture of herb wormwood) on a pacifier at bedtime. After two applying the gel to a pacifier, the child abandoned. Appointed miogymnastics, observation of orthodontist.

Example 2. Mr. Olya VA, 6 years old. Asked on reception to the orthodontist with complaints of malocclusion. From the anamnesis it is established that the girl with 4 years of sucking on the thumb of his right hand before going to sleep. Diagnosed open bite, constriction of the upper jaw. Hypoplasia of the mandible in the anterior region. Interviewed the girl and her parents. Recommended to lubricate the thumb of the right hand 6% gel of sodium alginate in 10% infusion herb wormwood before bedtime; the instrumental treatment of dentofacial anomalies.

After seven of the gel the girl fell the need to suck his thumb at bedtime. To consolidate the results of treatment is recommended to continue lubrication of the finger to completely eliminate bad habits; hardware to continue treatment, care orthodontist.

A positive effect.

This dosage form was applied in 53 children aged 1.5 to 8 years to eliminate bad habits in children, which are based on unbraked sucking reflex. A positive result was observed after two or three times the gel, at 77.8% of the children. This dosage form after application, forms a transparent thin uniform film thickness with the smell of fresh grass, with a prolonged effect.

The film is tightly connected to the surface to which it is applied, and the child to remove her. The effect of the gel is maintained for a long time in the form of taste of bitterness, which the child experiences when introduced into the oral cavity of subjects of sucking.

Young children are easier to wean from the use of a pacifier soother, breast, etc. resulting in a reduction of the occurrence of bad habits and prevention of dentoalveolar anomalies.

The formula of the invention

1 Way of eliminating bad habits in children by applying on the skin of the child, the mother’s breast and nipple irritating substances, characterized in that the sensitizing substance use gel sodium alginate, powdered herb wormwood and distilled water in the following ratio, wt.3 Alginate nutria 63 Crushed wormwood herb garikai 7 103 Distilled Voda 84 87

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